Acoustic greatest hits album in progress!

Just a little update...

I sat down to do some jammin' on the arrangements for the upcoming greatest hits album.


Our Time Now

This one is gonna be fun. I'm imagining orchestral strings and tympani... Stream the original here:

not for sale

This one is at the top of my "favorite" list so far for the greatest hits acoustic album... Stream the original:


Pretty excited for this one! You can stream the original here:

These are just a teeny, tiny FRACTION of the kind of previews that will be available in the Campbell Corps members-only area (which I'm hoping I'll finally be able to launch very very soon). 

Previews of both the acoustic greatest hits album as well as the new full-on rock album will be unlocked in this area, and memberships are starting at ONE. SINGLE. DOLLAR. If you're interested (and haven't yet let me know), click below to let me know you want to know when it's live!