Next album in progress!

'cause One album wasn't enough... 

So you probably already know that I'm working on TWO albums - the acoustic greatest hits (which is going great!) and the next full album as well. The greatest hits will be coming out first, but they both are in production.

Want to hear some little teeny previews? :D Keep in mind - this stuff is SUPER imperfect and all "scratch", meaning they're just reference tracks for when we start laying in the REAL stuff.


Okay, you know the drill! This first one is the vocal demo I recorded on my piano in my house to send to my producer, Pete Stewart, in preparation for the studio. The second is what we came up with for some guitar parts. Still in progress, but I'm pretty stoked on this. This'll be the last share I'll do on this song publicly - but the Campbell Corps members will get updates all the long way! *Scroll the bottom if you have no clue what I'm talking about* ;)


Same deal as above. First is just the keys version from my house as I was figuring it out... and then the progress we've made on it so far in the studio. Currently in talks with a BALLIN' indie hip-hop artist to drop some truth on that second verse, which I think is going to be a REALLY cool twist. Check it out:

These are just a teeny, tiny FRACTION of the kind of previews that will be available in the Campbell Corps members-only area (which I'm hoping I'll finally be able to launch very very soon). 

Previews of both the acoustic greatest hits album as well as the new full-on rock album will be unlocked in this area, and memberships are starting at ONE. SINGLE. DOLLAR. If you're interested (and haven't yet let me know), click below to let me know you want to know when it's live!