The Gilded Experience
Day 2


Today's Lineup:

1. The Scene
2. The Call
3. Equations

When It Rains
(Acoustic Paramore Cover)

The Scene

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Behind the scenes

Originally, the song was MUCH slower - so much slower the working title was "Sneaky". When I emailed this demo to my producer, Pete Stewart, I told him it made me think of "Spy vs. Spy." Fortunately, I had a REALLY rough time writing the melody to this instrumental demo, so Pete suggested we speed it up, cut the "happy-sounding" bridge, and it resulted in what "The Scene" is now.

The song ended up being my highest-streamed non-single to date with tongue-in-cheek lyrics of bands and artists keeping up appearances, playing the "right" guitar, wearing the "right" clothes, having to sell their souls to navigate the shady industry to survive.


The Call

When I wrote "The Call" in late 2010, a friend of mine was going through a very public, bitter, and distressing band break-up. She just seemed to shut down entirely, barely wanted to move - let alone leave the house. There were days I would go over just to watch her fall asleep to I Love Lucy on the couch. So many times, I just wanted to help, but knew she just needed me to listen. So I wrote "The Call" instead.

"I watched her stir her teabags 'round and 'round again
The flavor left them long ago; she feels the same
Breathe again, come back to life my friend

I wanted the song to have a communal vibe, to reflect the combined cheerleading that was happening from that band's community, from all her friends and family. So I asked Pete Stewart to sing it with me as a duet, and I loved what he did with it.

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So little life feeding the notes
Regurgitate and write by rote
We leave behind human creation
Now just ones and zeros
Now just equations

The lyrics of "Equations" actually started in the same work as "The Scene". They're brothers, so to speak. I had been listening to a LOT of Nirvana lately and wanted to bring in the inspiration of that grungy, feet-of-lead, heavy vibe.

You could also consider this song the older sibling of "Our Time Now" as well - it's that same plea... for our generation to wake up, do something powerful, something original...

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when it rains

An acoustic Paramore cover
Released on my very first EP, Exhibit A, in 2008

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That's it for Day Two. Tomorrow is gonna get fun...

Luv, C.